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Assessment Criteria / Titles

Assessment Details: Portfolio 40%
Performance Lecture 60%


The Portfolio will consist of 3 items:

• Taking ONE of the plays studied during Unit One: Naturalism to Symbolism make a pitch for a specific directorial approach to staging the play drawing evidence from the play and wider critical reading. You may offer suggestions for stage and costume designs to supplement your interpretation. (750 words or equivalent – due Monday 25th November)

Assessment Guidance:

• This portfolio item is inviting you to offer a justifiable idea for a way of staging one of the plays you have studied in the Naturalism to Symbolism unit.

• You can justify your directorial choices by drawing evidence from a wide variety of sources that may include: the text; secondary reading; knowledge of the original historical period of the play or a strong feeling that the play could be creatively evoked by drawing on another historical period; prior productions of the text you are aware of; external stimulus drawn from politics, society or popular culture, etc.

• Your written pitch for a directorial approach to staging your chosen play can be supplemented by references to specific theatres/locations for performance and/or design ideas (staging, costume, lighting, etc) through mood boards or other visual means.

• Please be mindful that your word limit is 750 words or equivalent so please do not write 750 words and then add visual materials, etc. If you want to include visual materials think about how you communicate your central idea economically through text – which can then be ‘brought to life’ with your visual materials.

• You can should esubmit your portfolio or submit a hard copy to our department secretary, Kate Brennan, if esubmission is inappropriate.

It is University policy that you will receive feedback on your work no later than 4 weeks after submission (20 working days).

Assessment Guidance - Portfolio Item 2

Taking ONE of the plays studied during Unit Two: What Now? Contemporary British Theatre examine the performance strategies used by the dramatist and how they work in relation to the themes and content of the play studied (750 words or equivalent – due Monday 20th January)

• This portfolio item is inviting you to pay specific attention to the performance strategies used in ONE play studied during the What Now? Contemporary British Theatre unit and how these relate to the themes explored in the play.

• You should think about how your chosen play uses specific formal and performance strategies e.g. structure, formal disruption, the absurd, verbatim, styles of language, textual and visual imagery, direct address, etc. and how these relate to, inform or illuminate the specific themes of the play.

• You only have a limited word count so introduce your play economically and make choices about what you want to focus on (you will not be able to do everything). Make sure to set out the parameters of your choices at the start of your work so that the marker can see that this is a deliberate considered choice and why you have made it - so you may choose to focus on one Act or scene or two or three particular performance strategies.

• You can should esubmit your portfolio or submit a hard copy to our department secretary, Kate Brennan, if esubmission is inappropriate.

It is University policy that you will receive feedback on your work no later than 4 weeks after submission (20 working days).

Portfolio Item 3 - A Critical Review of the Performance Lecture (1000 words or equivalent - due Wednesday 23rd April)*


The Performance Lecture asks you to work in groups to select one aspect of the theatre/performance units that you have explored during the module (this could be a style of theatre e.g. naturalism, symbolism, verbatim; leading practitioners, etc.) to investigate in more detail through the creation of a 30-minute performance lecture.
The performance lecture invites you to explore your chosen form through a variety of means:
• verbal presentation
• commentary/analysis
• visual materials(e.g. posters, programmes, production photos, etc.)
• performance material (e.g. short scene extracts, alternative stagings, demonstration of exercises, etc.)
The aim of the assessment is for you to demonstrate that you have conducted appropriate research into your chosen style/practitioner and to display your understanding through verbal presentation (the things you say) alongside the creation of illustrative visual/physical materials (the things you show/interrogate through practice). You may want to move from the broad to the particular by choosing to focus on one or two key practitioners, playwrights or theatre companies after an initial consideration of the form as a whole.

You will be assigned a tutor who will give advice and guidance on your work.

The Performance Lecture will be assessed on Tuesday 11th March 2014

* The Critical Review invites you to be both analytical and reflective. It should encompass a discussion of the research undertaken to inform your performance lecture and consider why you selected the material you did and how you went about structuring that material for an audience. In reflecting on the work you produced you should consider what you thought worked well and what you might revisit given more time and the experience of watching the other performance lectures produced by the other groups. It is important that the critical review should not just document the work undertaken in a diary-style format but it should engage with the intellectual and creative decisions undertaken. You may present you material in a variety of forms and use narrative alongside diagrams, illustrations, photos, mind-maps, lists, etc.