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TH331 - Design for Shakespeare - Assessment

Written Portfolio 1 25% - ESUB2015

Written Portfolio 2 25% - ESUB2015

Final ‘Design for Shakespeare’ assessment information

The main task for this assessment is to write an essay of approximately 5,000 words.

This essay is about the importance of 'your' designer(s)/research and is envisaged as a chapter in a catalogue (like a chapter in a book). The chapters on related projects/topics should be thought of as being grouped together in this catalogue -- but the work that you each do should be free-standing. There is really nothing that makes writing this different from writing any other essay (so don't be distracted by the catalogue idea).

The format is close to that of a conventional essay -- except that it is fine to include illustrations​ that might contribute to the readers' understanding of the contribution of the designs you are considering to the overall topic of 'Design for Shakespeare'. The visual material that forms part of the essay may be inserted at appropriate points or presented as an appendix. There is no need to do anything alongside these illustrations (if you choose to include any) except just saying where you found them (as you would treat any quotation in the written text).

Each person is also asked to submit:

a) a single A4 sheet indicating what they would write on a poster to introduce the work of their chosen designer(s) at the start of an exhibit in a possible exhibition. (See the powerpoint guidance that I distributed from Peter Ruthven Hall's visit as a guest speaker for our group.)

b) three captions (one for each of 3 exhibits) that would be helpful in realising an exhibition about the work you have discussed in your essay (again discussed by Peter Ruthven Hall in the Powerpoint). These captions might relate to 3 images included in your chapter or they might be captions for specific exhibits/drawings/costume designs/other elements or installations that you would (in an ideal world) like to see in 'your' section of an exhibition. So you might want to identify some work done by the designer/design topic that you are writing about (a set design, costume design, piece of music, lighting plot) that you have seen on a website or in an archive -- you just need to state what it is, where you found it, and what it tells us (shows us) about the designer's work.

The plan is:

1) that this work is the final assessment towards your module mark (so it is individual)

2) that we meet up again as a group after the examination process is complete. In the last seminar we agreed that the afternoon of Monday 22 May would be a good date (the afternoon of the TS finals board and the day before the English/TS finals board. Hopefully, Peter Ruthven Hall will be able to join us.

The purpose of this meeting is to plan what we would envisage as an ideal exhibition (in terms of curating the whole occasion, layout, space, light, sound, etc) and to provide an overview of this to accompany a catalogue that will bring together the final assessment essays and the exhibition structure as a whole. It is at this point that bringing together the groupings of similar topics will be helpful. We might think about including some work from the earlier portfolios, too.

I am trying to find some way for this to be published. It is only at this point that we might need to seek copyright permission to include illustrations.

You do not have to be a part of this -- but it does offer a great opportunity to bring the year's work to a natural and constructive conclusion.


Project-based essay Assessment 50% - ESUB2015