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Research Topic proposal form 2011/12


Research Topic Proposal Form

School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies

Third Year Research Topic Proposal Form: 2011-2012



Applicant’s Name:


Applicant’s Department:


Applicant’s e-mail address:



Please delete as appropriate:

a) Proposal for 100% written dissertation

b) Proposal for a hybrid project (60% written, 40% practical work)

*If you are unsure at this stage whether it would be appropriate for your topic to be hybrid, please select the most likely format as you envisage it in this proposal. You will be able to vary this selection during the early part of your final year, in consultation with your supervisor. You will need to confirm this decision by the end of week 6 in the autumn term.



Proposed Area of Research (300 words max.)

Indicate a draft title if you have one, the topic you wish to research and some indication of the ways in which you plan to approach this research (including questions to be addressed and/or methodology to be adopted.
































Give a preliminary Bibliography (6 items approx.)


Name(s) of supervisor(s):


Please Note:

*You are expected to approach a member of staff in the School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies to supervise your proposed research.

*If you do not know who to ask, begin by talking to your personal tutor or to the member of staff with overall responsibility for the Research Topic module.

*If no member of staff in the School has expertise in your proposed field of research you may need to be willing to modify your proposal. The School will not permit a student to undertake research in a subject area for which no supervisor can be identified.




Signature of Supervisor(s):