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Theatre and Ideology: Exilic and Intercultural Perspectives






School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies

TH304 Theatre and ideology


Module Convenor: Dr. Silvija Jestrovic - (Autumn) & Dr Yvette Hutchison - (Spring)


Theatre & Ideology: Perspectives on space, place & concepts of belonging (Year 3 option)

Module Description

This module aims to investigate the relationship between theatre and ideology in specific relation to identity as it has been affected by the contemporary experience of displacement, exile, mass migration in the first term; and then postcolonial and intercultural interaction in the second term. It will consider:

§ Culture, and how is it constructed, particularly in relation to globalisation?

§ Dramatic and theatrical strategies as means of deconstructing cultural stereotypes, fracturing conventional definitions of borders and national cultures in the global context.

§ How context affects issues of language, space and identity.

§ The implications of such construction of culture for the way we represent ourselves as a group – either as an essentialist discourse (exclusively) or as a constructivist discourse (inclusively).

§ If we are working across cultures, languages and contexts, how the issues of translation, exploitation, and representation affect performance practices between and across cultures,

§ The relationship between the postcolonial and intercultural in the context of globalisation and media.

Students will be introduced to a variety of dramatic and theatrical works that could be described as exilic or intercultural, and occasional references to appropriate works in other media will be made. The module will offer interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks to analyze these issues in and through theatre.