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Kate has just called my attention to a play on at the Birmingham Rep (actually round the corner at The Roundhouse as they are still working on the Rep building) called Eat!

I'd like to organise a minibus and arrange to see the show after class on Monday 22nd October (week 4). It kicks off at 8pm (so there's time for a least one puncture and still get there if we leave at 6) and is promenade so warm clothes suggested.

To be viable and warranting the cost of a minibus (which I'll get out of the meagre course budget though you would be expected to pay for the tickets - student concessions are £7.50) I need to know how many are able to make this. I will pilot the jalopy back to some agreed point in Leamington as it'll probably be around 11pm by the time we return.

Could you email me back today if you pick up this email if
1. You are able to see the show on Monday Week 4 after class
2. You are happy to pay £7.50 for the ticket.

If I get 12+ positive responses (a full house would be great) I will book a minibus and the tickets and would be grateful if you could bring in the £7.50 for Week 2 or Week 3 at the latest.

Spaces are limited so realistically I will take 10am Monday morning as the cut-off point at which I tie up getting tickets and booking transport.

Also: Coming Up

Dim Sum Nights at Ming Moon Chinese Restaurant 13-15 November
(The ticket price for this production includes Dim Sum, tea and a full buffet meal after the performance.)

Again put on by The Rep and again Student tickets £7.50, so if there's money left in the budget (allowing for other stuff I want to do) we could look at a minibus/ticket split arrangement if there is interest, but of more immediate concern is the Eat show above