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Assessment Guidelines

Academic Poster - 40%

Deadline: Spring Term, Friday Week 5

Choose a woman we have studied so far to create an academic poster on. The poster should demonstrate your exploration and research through an engagement with relevant academic debate as well as factual information on the life of the woman. Be sure to consider the ways in which women are represented and the effect this may have on the information you are using for your research. The layout of the poster is your choice but must be clear and they should include quotations and illustrations.

Group Research Presentation - 60%

Deadline: Spring Term, Seminar Week 8

Find a woman who has played a role in the development of theatre history but has been forgotten. Create a presentation, in groups, that clearly informs the class on who this woman is and why you think she deserves to be remembered. Demonstrate your research and be sure to evaluate why this woman has not featured prominently in theatre documentation before. A grasp of historiographical principles should be shown to highlight the methodology you have undertaken in your research process. The presentation can take any form - for example: a performance lecture or a presentation and a rehearsed reading of a play by a forgotten playwright.