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Assessment Criteria/Titles

1st Assessment

The first piece of work for this module relates to material studied during the first 5 weeks and you are asked to do a close performance analysis of one performance event in relation to the themes of the module.

1. With reference to one performance event studied on the module, examine how it explores the history and contemporary context of the nation it addresses (you should pay particular attention to the relationship between the national context, form and performance strategies in your response).

Word length – 1500 words
Due Monday 18th November 2013

You will receive one-to-one feedback on this work on Friday 6th December.

2nd Assessment

By Friday of week 8 of the Spring Term AT THE LATEST I would like you to submit a proposal (1 side of A4 max.) for a Research Essay or a Creative Portfolio. The final piece submitted in the summer term will follow one of the remits outlined below. The initial proposal will involve you pitching an idea that I can approve as a viable project. I will feedback via email.

Option 1: Research Essay: This will involve the submission of a 4000 word research essay that addresses an area of interest that has been ignited during the course of the module.

Option 2: Creative Portfolio: You will prepare a detailed proposal for a performance that engages with questions of the nation AND/OR national identity in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Your proposal will contain reference to appropriate theories, ideas and concepts relating to the nation in question and will make an argument concerning why the proposed scale, form and content of the performance will have particular currency or resonance within the nation OR for a particular constituency within the nation. The creative part of the proposal may contain visual materials, designs, photographs, drawings, sections of creative writing or any materials that may help to explain the nature, style and content of the proposed performance. The stimulus for this project is completely open but you may want to think about key historical figures, histories, events, places, landscapes, theatre events, demographics, constituencies, etc. as a starting point.

The proposal will include:

• A working title for your creative project/essay
• A rationale for what you want to research

Submission of proposal: By Friday 28th February email to N dot Holdsworth at warwick dot ac dot uk

The final submission will be at the start of the summer term: exact date to be advised.