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TH332 - Performing Gender and Sexuality 2014-15

Seminar: Thursday 1430-1730, in room G56

Convenor: Dr. Wallace McDowell

The module analyses ways in which performance engages with, reveals, challenges, deconstructs and resists dominant norms of gender and sexuality. A key focus will be on how performances reflect and contribute to shifts in circulating discourses of power. Starting with the traditionally 'umarked' dominance of white heterosexual men, students will engage with a wide range of plays, practitioners, performance artists and documentary examples to interrogate notions of the 'other' as performances of gender and sexual identities. The module will look at theoretical frameworks of gender and sexuality, at the same time exploring the intersections with other elements of performance of identity such as social class and ethnicity.

Below is the outline of the module as it stands. I am concerned that the module acts as dynamically as possible and will endeavour to utilise illustrative examples of the performance of gender and sexuality as they happen

This module uses the following core text book: Cranny-Francis, Anne, Wendy Waring, Pam Stavropoulos and Joan Kirkby, Gender Studies – Terms and Debates, Palgrave Macmillan, 2003

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Portfolio 1, 1500 words, (15%) due Nov 12 2014
Essay, 3000 words (30%) due Jan 06 2015
Portfolio 2, 1500 words (15%) due Feb 19 2015
Project-based assessment OR 4000-word essay (40%) due April 20 2015