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Assessment Criteria/Titles

50% - Essay (2500 words) - ESUB2015
50% - Written exam (1.5 hours)

Essay Topics 2015

Length: 2500 words

Choose one of the following topics, and discuss critically with reference to two plays of your choice. Remember to reference clearly and accurately, include a full bibliography and to hand in two copies of your essay on the due date.

1. … violence is structural when the force is not exerted wilfully by a person but by a structure created by and perpetuated, for example, by custom or by law in a political context. This law can create a structure that curbs the freedom of the subjects unfairly or that discriminates unjustly against certain sections, preventing them from gaining full citizenship. (Johan Degenaar, The Concept of Violence)

Critically analyse how to South African plays highlight examples of structural violence caused by apartheid and its effects in different ways.

2. In order to get any truth about myself, I must have contact with another person. The other is indispensable to my own existence, as well as my knowledge of myself. [Sartre, Existentialism, 1947, 44]

In the light of the above argument, use two plays to analyse ways in which the construction of personal identity is affected by the political context, and how this in turn has affected interpersonal relationships in South Africa.

3. With reference to ONE play from EACH period, discuss how the use of ‘verbatim’ in the protest era of South African theatre differed from that of the post-Apartheid context.

4. Critically analyse how the intersections between different cultures has provoked the development of new, syncretic forms in South African theatre, with reference to at least two examples.

5. Topic of your own, in discussion with me.