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Reading List - Wired

Less a reading list, more a compendium of resources, including software, links and manuals.

We use Adobe creative software and on this module will primarily be using
Premiere Pro CS6
though you may also wish to use
After Effects CS6
Photoshop CS6
Audition CS6

All of these are installed on the six machines in the edit suite. If you wish to use these programs outside of the edit suite you can either download demo versions ( - 30 day trial) or else enrol in the academic Creative Cloud programme which gives you access to all Adobe creative software for under £16/month -

A Field in England
Ben Wheatley's C4 Film from 2012 is acompanied by an incredible array of resources concerning its making. they can be accessed here:

We use the Panasonic HDC-SD90 and its successor the Panasonic HC-V720
Manuals for these are available as follows:
HC-V720 -
HDC-SD90 -

described as an interactive media presentation tool, Isadora shares some features with Qlab. It runs on Mac and Windows and as with Qlab a limited version can be downloaded (

There are any number of online resources concerning lighting for video. This link includes a variety of tutorial videos and opinions, including green-screen lighting and noir effects

Qlab is a Mac-based product that allows show control (video, sound, lights etc). Complex multi-input and multi-screen presentations can be developed using the program which also offers an ipad control interface. The program can be downloaded here
The basic (free) version is limited (see but will enable you to see how the program operates

John Costello's book
Costello, John. Writing a Screenplay. Harpenden: Pocket Essentials, 2004. Print.
is a great source of inspiration.

Sound - is a great resource that draws on techniques used in mainstream film as well as a list of articles sorted by film.