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Additional places for Sound Workshop

Additional Spaces - Sound workshop Monday 21st October 4-7 G53

Sound is an obviously vital part of the audio-visual experience. But how to make effective use of it?
In this lecture on sound design, students will be taught the practical and creative tools to develop their own audio skills for theatre and multimedia. The theory and practical application of sound and digital audio will be covered, and creative possibilities explored using real-world examples.

Dear all,

Andy Guthrie, sound designer will be holding a workshop for those on the Wired module. As the session will be in G53 there is the opportunity to open this up to a further 8 students. In the first instance I will open this up to all 2nd Year single and joint students and post the first to reply on this page -

If places remain by Sunday I will open this out to other years. Please reply to this email if you wish to attend. Confirmation will be shown on the above web page.