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Incubation and R&D 2017/18

Department of Theatre & Performance Studies

Incubation and R&D scheme

Are you developing a new piece of theatre or performance? Would you benefit from some rehearsal space? Are you interested in sharing a work-in-progress to get some feedback on your project? Warwick Theatre and Performance Studies is committed to supporting and promoting the most exciting and innovative new practice and practitioners. As such we have developed our ‘Incubator Scheme’ to help nurture creative work emerging from the TPS community. We have set aside space at the start and end of each term to help hatch new work. The aim of the scheme is to set aside focussed time, space, and support outside the mayhem of term time to develop our artistic voices. If you would like to apply there are further details below. Let’s see what you might grow…

This scheme addresses the use of Departmental facilities for practice-based work outside term times specifically to aid development and dissemination. It runs alongside the Department’s ‘Policy on Use of Studio Space, which regulates access to departmental spaces.

Purpose of the scheme

The Department aims to facilitate research and development (R&D) undertaken by staff, students and associates, where possible and appropriate.

The Department recognises that research into theatre and performance is sometimes appropriately undertaken in and through practice. Likewise, innovative and/or exploratory practice requires suitable facilities for experimentation and realisation.

Staff and associates who are engaged in developing and presenting practice in the public domain require space, time and facilities in order to explore and develop such work. Some of this work will be submitted to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) review, and is of strategic importance as a consequence.

Some modes of enquiry (for example addressing a particular historical style or theoretical paradigm) entail testing/exploration in practice settings. The scheme allows for this sort of exploration.

For students and alumni, the period after graduation is crucial to building experience, contacts and standing in their discipline. Incubation of performance projects can provide benefit in terms of profile and employability, and would be attractive as part of the larger ecosystem of Theatre at Warwick.

We already have a track record of something of this kind through the Emerge Festival at WAC, which features Warwick companies –

The Incubation/R&D scheme also offers the possibility for closer engagements with Warwick Arts Centre and selected external partners, as possible and appropriate.

The scheme will operate on a pilot basis in 2018 and be reviewed in October/November 2018. If it proves unwieldy it will be reduced in scope or terminated; if it proves successful there are options to consolidate and expand it.

Operation of the scheme

Selected spaces (typically the performance studios, G53 and G55) will be booked for Incubation/R&D activities, and applications invited.

The availability of space for Incubation/R&D will be advertised internally to staff and students of the Department. Individuals and groups may request access to the space during these periods. They will be required to provide an outline of the work proposed (see 16, below, for details of how to apply).

Applications will be adjudicated by a panel that includes the Head of School, Director of Practice, Senior Technician, and a student representative.

Priority will be given to staff PaR projects; staff research/public dissemination projects; early-career graduates; current/graduating students who are developing work for public dissemination; and invited artists/associates who are developing work that will have benefit to Warwick’s TPS community.

All selected projects must complete a risk assessment prior to final approval, and abide by the terms indicated in the Department’s ‘Policy on Use of Studio Space, with the exception that individuals/groups will not be charged for use of the facilities unless agreement is made to this effect (for example where projects entail additional costs).

Technical support will be provided during the periods indicated, although this will be limited and individuals/groups will be responsible for managing the space in which they are working, subject to clearance concerning specific use of technical facilities and equipment, unless agreed otherwise.

Where possible, we will arrange for informal showings of work that allows for feedback and discussion to aid further development.


Incubation and R&D dates (2017/18 session):

week beginning 9 April

week beginning 16 April

week beginning 25 June

week beginning 2 July

week beginning 9 July

week beginning 16 July

Application process

Please provide the following information (no more than 2 pages), aligned with the current ‘Policy on Use of Studio Space’ (

Title of the work

Nature of the work

Potential outcomes

Personnel involved

Technical requirements

Preferred dates

Deadline for submission of applications: 16.00, Monday 5 March 2018 (for use of facilities w/b 9 and 16 April; and 16.00, Monday 21 May 2018 (for use of facilities in June/July). Please send applications to Kate Brennan (


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