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Key Information for MATPR Students

Below is a summary of some key information for incoming MATPR students. More detailed information is available in the MATPR Handbook available on the department website.


Your departmental induction will occur as part of the MATPR introduction during the first session of the autumn core module. During the first week, you will also be assigned a personal tutor. It is advised that you set up a meeting with your personal tutor in the first two weeks of the autumn term. Students will be expected to use Tabula to note meetings, summarise agreed action points and note next meeting. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Director of MATPR.

Information specific to MATPR is available in the MATPR Handbook available on the department website.

Warwick University has a programme of induction events, see

CADRE ( arranges induction events, as well as research related events throughout the year.

Research Seminars and Reading Groups

Each term the Department holds a Theatre and Performance Studies seminar series at which staff, postgraduates and visiting speakers are invited to give papers. These are co-organised by staff members and postgraduate research students. The departmental research seminars are usually held in weeks 2, 5 and 9 each term. The departmental research seminars provide another point of contact between you and other staff and postgraduate students in the department, and attendance at these is highly advised. Additional seminars are often organised when distinguished international academics happen to be passing through the Department. From time to time special interest reading groups emerge, allowing academic staff and postgraduates to discuss new and exciting topics or critical texts.

Postgraduate Day

MATPR students are invited to attend the Postgraduate Day held each summer term in the Department. On the postgraduate day, all postgraduate research students are required to give either presentations on their research or papers that they are due to present at conferences. At this meeting, postgraduate facilities and resources, and review postgraduate provision within the Department are discussed. The Postgraduate Day provides an excellent opportunity for MATPR students to get a sense of the PhD programme and to see the work of current PhD students.

Postgraduate Space

There is a Theatre Studies PGR workroom (room G51) on the ground floor of Millburn House that is exclusively for PGR and PGT Theatre and Performance Studies students. Please see Kate Brennan or Sarah Shute to obtain the code to the room. The room is secure and you can leave books, etc. There are computers and a printer, a few soft chairs.

Practice-based postgraduate students are at liberty to book studio or edit suite space insofar as it is available during term time (see Kate Brennan, departmental secretary room G29 or email However, they are advised to make principal use of space during vacations – particularly the summer months – when it is unlikely to be in use for teaching purposes.

There is also a purpose-built space shared with Film Studies and History of Art postgraduates which is situated on the first floor of the Film Studies department in room A1.07, accessible with your Warwick identity card. There are separate rooms for private study but also common areas and kitchen facilities.

Senate House (next to Warwick Arts Centre), has made available significant study space for the use of all PG students (the postgraduate hub).

The Faculty provides dedicated PGR study space within the Humanities building, for details and to book a hot desk please consult the CADRE website for further instructions,

Research Training and Professional Development

Programmes covering generic research skills and methods training are run by the Faculty of Arts, the Graduate School of the University, CADRE and Student Careers and Skills. Postgraduates are encouraged to inform themselves of what is on offer from year to year and attend as appropriate, see,

The following webpage shows all the courses available, allows you to book places and also keep track of what you are doing,

User guides are available on the web:

For researchers this is:

Health and safety

The School takes your Health and Safety seriously and, with this in mind, asks you to report any accidents or near misses you have whilst on campus to your supervisor (or personal tutor) and to the Departmental Administrator, Sarah Shute. This will enable us to investigate the cause of any incident and to try and avoid future accidents.

Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick Graduate Destinations

The School has a long history of placing its MA students not only in its own PhD programmes, but also in other highly esteemed programmes nationally and internationally. Some of our former PhD candidates have become successful practitioners, while others have used their qualifications to secure employment in the arts and creative industries and at international universities.

Graduates destinations include:


For further information please contact the Course Director, Dr Susan Haedicke,