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Information for current postgraduates

For students wishing to undertake further study in Theatre and Performance Studies, the School offers a number of taught MA degrees and research degrees at MA, MPhil and PhD level. It is also possible to undertake an MA, MPhil or PhD in Theatre/ Performance Studies using practice-as-research methods. For further useful information and advice on research degrees see: Postgraduate Research Students.

Taught degrees

MA in Theatre & Performance Research

This exciting new course is designed to equip post-graduate students to develop research skills in traditional ways, thorugh academic writing and research methods, and performance-based approaches to research. It considers new and contemporary approaches to theatre and performance theoretically and methodologically by considering emergent theories and practice sin areas such as interculturalism, gender studies, new media, performance-making and performance-as-research. It extends beyond western approaches to theatre-making and research methodologies to include more global approaches, while at the same time critiquing the impact of globalisation on cross-cultural theatre and performance making, with a strong emphasis on creative practice.

MA in International Cultural Policy and Management

The MA in International Cultural Policy and Management is a well-established and internationally popular programme, offering a unique range of studies in an expanding field. It addresses the practical realities of working in the cultural sector and at the same time explores theoretical questions around the conditions of International culture.

MA in Creative and Media Enterprises

The MA in Creative and Media Enterprises focuses on the special relationship between creative imagination and strategic management. The programme explores the international context of the creative and media industries, as well as the practical challenges facing small creative firms in Britain and Europe.

MA in Global Media and Communication

The MA in Global Media and Communication will investigate the creative communication strategies used by the global media industry. Students will learn about creativity, the design process, and the user experiences of successful media products. They will also reflect critically on the power of media communication, and the ethical and political implications of its global operations.

MA in Arts, Enterprise and Development

The MA in Arts, Enterprise and Development has been inspired by the growing global movement for using the arts, culture and creative industries in new policies for Sustainable Development. Culture is a new and major subject of policy and research, promoted through significant projects and strategic development activity by UNESCO, UNCTAD, the UNDP and European Union, and a huge range of development agencies. The programme explores how we use artistic creativity and cultural enterprise as a force for human, social and economic progress.

Research degrees


The degree of PhD is a supervised individual research project over three years full-time, with the option of a fourth year for final writeup, or six years part-time, culminating in the production of a thesis. Students initially register for the MPhil degree and upgrade to the PhD on satisfactory progress after one year. Alternatively students can simply study for two years full-time or three years part-time, and complete a shorter thesis to gain the degree of MPhil.

MA by Research

The degree of MA by research is likewise a supervised individual research project completed over one year full-time or two years part-time, offering an introduction to academic research for students looking to pursue study in a specific area not covered by a taught masters programme.


Suitably qualified candidates may pursue practice-based research at MA, MPhil and PhD levels, submitting both a written thesis and a body of creative practice as outcomes of their studies. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate a proven track record of professional standard practice or other relevant practical experience and competencies to be considered for practice-based research.