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Formative assessment (non-assessed)

Each student will lead one session along with the tutor, ‘staging’ a dialogue to critique a specific theorist and raise questions about or intervene into the theoretical discourse. This formative assessment also provides an opportunity for students to explore the theory’s possible application to performances and/or research contexts.


Essay (100%)

Due: Wed, Wednesday, Week 1 in Spring Term (10 January 2018)

Your 5000-word essay will be a research paper (plus notes and bibliography) that applies one or more of the theories or theoretical trends to one or two plays or performances. The essay should be a thesis-driven argument that takes account of current scholarly debates. The introduction should indicate the structure of the essay and its logic and introduce the essay’s governing thesis. Individual sections should clarify what they are intended to accomplish and how that relates to the essay’s overall argument. Throughout the essay your arguments should be punctuated by ample evidence that you are familiar with the theories that are related to your individual points. Use of quotations from other scholars need to be interpreted in a way that identifies their significance to the argument that you are trying to make at that particular moment in your paper. Do not let quotations speak for themselves or for you. Position them in a dialogue with your own ideas.


Assessment Criteria:

In general, the essay will be assessed on quality, coherence, originality and clarity of argument. Specific criteria include:

  • Evidence substantial independent research and critical thought
  • Demonstrate an ability to initiate and sustain a clear, original and rigorous critical argument
  • Evidence an ability to organize and support complex ideas in coherent academic prose
  • Demonstrate an ability to understand and critically interrogate research materials
  • Demonstrate an ability to write fluently and observe academic conventions