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Formative Assessment – in specific sessions, which students nominate early in course, students prepare to lead session, along with tutor, critiquing specific methodology, raising questions regarding specific aspects of the approach and its possible application to research contexts.

Portfolio (2000 words, 40%, due Monday week 11): Write up of critical engagement with ethical and practical issues involved in two methodologies engaged with in the course, preferably one of which the student has presented in class.

Assessment Criteria:

In general, the portfolio will be assessed on coherence and clarity of argument. Specific criteria include:

Evidence an original and persuasive argument regarding the methodologies with which you engage
Demonstrate clear critical analysis of material read
Demonstrate your understanding of the issues at stake when engaging with the methodologies

Essay (3000 words, 60%, due week 1 of summer term): Demonstrates how a specific methodology is most appropriate to a project proposal, including a critical evaluation of the practical and ethical implications of this methodological approach, with the possibility of suggesting an alternative approach.

Assessment Criteria:

In general, the essay will be assessed on quality, coherence, originality and clarity of argument.

Specific criteria include:

Evidence substantial independent research and critical thought
Demonstrate an ability to initiate and sustain a clear, original and rigorous critical argument
Evidence an ability to organize and support complex ideas in coherent academic prose
Demonstrate an ability to understand and critically interrogate research methods and their appropriate application, being mindful of context
Demonstrate an ability to write fluently and observe academic conventions