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50% - Performance as research presentation

50% - Essay on PaR Project [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION]

50% Performance as Research presentation – proof of concept
In groups of 1-3, use performance as a mode of engaging us with your research. Be sure to think about a clear research question/s, include evidence that you have built in public engagement, i.e. consider potential audiences and how to reach them, and track possible Impact from your research. Also consider how to document the research.

Criteria for assessment
- evidence of significant research on your chosen topic/ issue
- sufficient and appropriate use of performance to elicit material that addresses clearly addressed your pre-defined research questions
- evidence that you have considered how the content and form of your presentation contribute toward interrogating your pre-defined research question/s
- ability to include and reach an appropriate audience
- structuring clear mechanisms for capturing evidence of impact and public engagement with your performance project for later analysis
- ability to analyse outcomes in relation to original research questions

50% Essay on PaR project (3000 words)

Present critical analysis of your PaR project, focussing on findings in a mode appropriate to the academic dissemination of research (it need not be in an essay format specifically)
Your critical review should document your research, with references and a bibliography, analysing the processes leading to your presentation and the emergent findings from it. Rather than being a descriptive account, your critique should demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the research process you have gone through, the working process and the presentation itself; in relation to the overall aims and objectives of your conceptualised project as a whole.
You should reflect on how and why you chose to focus your research as you did in the presentation. The outcomes of these processes (the presentation, audience responses, questions that emerged) should be evaluated in relation to the project as a whole. Where appropriate, you may wish to consider how the project you have produced might be further developed. You may submit work in a variety of forms which could include: research information, photographic evidence, visual material and any other documents that have been central to your process.
In all cases you should attempt to provide an analytical account of the presentation and its critical context. To facilitate the writing of your review you are strongly advised to make notes relating to your working process and post-presentation as a basis for your critique.

Criteria for assessment
- Clear evidence of significant research
- Analyse your findings, with specific reference to documentation from your project, with suggested application for a wider research community.
- Correct citation references and a full bibliography.