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Project 1 30%

Project 2 30%

Portfolio 40%


Project 1

Assessment Criteria:



Project 2

You may do a solo performance or work with others. Your starting point is the site, and you will perform on-site. We need to be able to see all performances in a day, so not London, please! Beyond that, the creative choices are your own! The length of time available to you is, in part, dependent on the number of students in the group. It is also dependent on the form and aims of the performance. You will make an informal pitch in Week 9, and we will determine the length of time at that point.

Assessment Criteria:

Demonstrate a keen understanding of the characteristics of site-specific performance.

Evidence a clear understanding of the creative process of developing a performance from a site.

Demonstrate an imaginative practical engagement with your research questions.

Evidence skills of editing and composition.

Evidence a good sense of audience and space.



Portfolio (2500 words)

The Portfolio of Practical Projects consists of Critical Reflections on each of the two practical projects undertaken throughout the term and a statement that links or contrasts your practice from each unit in some way, i.e. content, style, interaction of theory and practice, methodology, use of space, engagement with audience, etc.

Assessment Criteria:

Demonstrate a keen understanding of the relationship between the conceptual material and research questions, on the one hand, and your creative practices, on the other.

Demonstrate a clear understanding how the practice answers (or begins) to answer the research question(s).

Demonstrate a clear understanding of theory underlying the research question and practice.

Evidence ability to reflect critically.