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MA in International Performance Research

MAIPR is delivered by three international universities: the University of Warwick (UK), Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland), and the University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia)

The MAIPR will run for the final time in 2015-16 and will not be admitting a cohort from 2016. Learn more about potential opportunities for postgraduate study in Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick.

Course duration

In 2015-16, the MAIPR programme will be a 12-month programme, beginning on Monday 5 October 2015 and ending on the 30 September 2016. Please note that the application deadline for 2015 entry is 30th June 2015.


MAIPR aims to introduce, develop and challenge the three concepts that make up the course's title: ‘International, ‘Performance’, and ‘Research’. The MAIPR consortium hopes to demonstrate how these concepts are informed, questioned and perhaps disputed by local, national and/or global (pre)-conceptions and (pre)-perceptions. The MAIPR programme will help you develop and enhance your theoretical knowledge about performance-related issues, and it will certainly add value to your already existing skills base.

The MAIPR student

MAIPR students should have a strong academic background and also experience with creative practice in theatre and/or performance. You may still be in your final year of an undergraduate degree or have gone on to work in a performance-related profession or area. You therefore may wish to pursue a career in or add value to already existing skills in aspects of arts practice and curation, or aim to work in cultural industries, or pursue an academic career through advanced study, perhaps leading to a Ph.D. We have students who have entered straight after finishing their undergraduate degrees in performance-related disciplines, together with others who have worked as directors, choreographers, curators, dancers and actors.

International appeal

The MAIPR programme seeks to develop collaborations with international partners, which has included the University of Amsterdam, University of Tampere, University of Helsinki, the University of Arts in Belgrade and Trinity College, Dublin.

  • MAIPR intakes have been and are made up of students from all the continents (except Antartica!) and they bring with them their own personal 'takes' on the challenges given by the programme.
  • MAIPR visiting scholars, experts in their fields, bring with them knowledge gained in many countries, including India, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Japan, Uganda, South Africa, Australia, Portugal, Singapore and Venezuela.

Erasmus Mundus

The MAIPR has grown out of a prestigious Erasmus Mundus five-year funding programme. From 2013-14, it has run independently. The European Commission support, however, was instrumental in shaping the character and ethos of the programme, which continues to be strongly grounded in the sense of international collaboration.

Want to know more?

Check out the rest of the MAIPR site. You can also email maipr at warwick dot ac dot uk. For a condensed overview of the programme, see our FAQs page.

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November 2015: Tania Kijaniza won the 2014-15 MAIPR Dissertation Prize for her outstanding dissertation entitled 'THE INDISTINGUISHABLE ZONES TO ENJOY COMMUNISM: Duration and Communality in Collective Actions in the Context of Moscow Conceptualism.' Great work, Tania!

April 2015: Former MAIPR student, Chris Bell, has been awarded a PhD Scholarship to carry out research in community-based and applied theatre methodology at the University of Minnesota. Many congratulations, Chris!

Feb 2015: Former MAIPR student, Armanc Yildiz, has won a PhD Scholarship to carry out research in the Anthropology Department at Harvard University, USA. Many congratulations, Armanc!

Jan 2015: Loulou Sjerps won the 2013-14 MAIPR Dissertation Prize for her outstanding dissertation entitled 'HOME-MADE NATIONS. A performative challenge towards societal structures.' Great work, Loulou!

July 2014: Our MAIPR alumni Aditee Biswas has received a national award for best young theatre director 2014 (Bismillah Khan Youth Award of the Sangeet Natak Akademi). Congratulations Aditee! For more information see here and here.

March 2014: Devendranath Sankaranarayanan, a MAIPR graduate and now a successful theatre practitioner and pedagogue in India, speaks to the Deccan Chronicle.

December 2013: Catherine Makhumula awarded a PANGeA scholarship for PhD at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

International Federation for Theatre Research 2014 Conference at the University of Warwick

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International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) New Scholars competition

July 2013: Venkata Naresh Burla appointed Assistant Professor at the Centre for Music & Performing Arts in Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi, India.

AGent New Theses in Performance Research launched. Edited by Prof. dr. Katharina Pewny (UGent) and Prof. dr. Kati Röttger (UvA and MAIPR lecturer).  

July 2013 IFTR Conference, Barcelona:  MAIPR pre-conference symposium and round-table discussion

May 2013: Sarah Penny appointed to a three-year full-time AHRC funded PhD studentship.

Lisa Skwirblies, Ugoran Prasad and Amber Muller win prestigious PhD scholarships!

Theatre Studies Department: PG Seminar & Lecture Series

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