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MAIPR Alumni How are they doing?

The MAIPR programme welcomed its first students in September 2008. Since then, 159 have successfully graduated with double degrees from the Universities of Warwick, Amsterdam, Tampere, Helsinki or Arts in Belgrade. The current intake began their studies on 30 September 2013. Our graduates have now moved on: reading for PhDs, lecturing in HE institutions, working in arts-related organisations, and freelancing. All are using the knowledge they gained from the MAIPR to further their chosen career paths. Click on the links below to access the profiles for the following MAIPR alumni:

Lisa Skwirblies (From Germany)SKWIRBLIES 11-12

Lisa Skwirblies (2011-12 graduate) Amsterdam/Warwick
Country or Origin - Germany

I was lucky to receive immediately after the MAIPR an offer by the University of Warwick for conducting my PhD at the Theatre and Performance Studies Department with a generous scholarship. In the meantime I have been working as a freelance dramaturge and curator as well as on publishing my master thesis and writing articles for different magazines. With Annefleur Schep (actrice and theatremaker) I founded the IOOTCP, an unofficial institute for the culture and language of Poland, in Amsterdam. This art-project, in mimicking the structures and strategies of big cultural institutions, aims at fusing research with artistic practice – an expertise I gained in the MAIPR’s practice-as-research and curatorial modules.

Besides preparing me for my PhD and the practical work in the theatre and festival space, MAIPR brought me a priceless experience of working, living and arguing in a highly diverse group of people and leaves me with an invaluable network of friendships.

Keith Bennie (from Canada)BENNIE

Keith Bennie (2008-09 alumnus) Warwick/Amsterdam

Country of Origin - Canada

In addition to training for future opportunities inside academia, MAIPR greatly prepared me to step into educational programming for international arts organizations. The degree and its international scope provided me with the tools to conceptualize and execute exciting educational programmes that range from scholarly seminars to large-scale public presentations with film guests and visiting scholars. The curation, creative practice, and scholarship modalities have all help contribute to the work I'm doing in Toronto.

At the Toronto International Film Festival's new home, TIFF Bell Lightbox, I help coordinate film programmes for post-secondary students and faculty, as well as public programmes for a more general audience. Our Higher Learning programme provides Canadian college and university students and faculty a forum in which to examine film, television, video, new media and gaming from a wide range of cultural, social, historical, political and technological approaches and disciplines. Within its first three years, Higher Learning welcomed over 7,000 post-secondary faculty and students from 30 universities and colleges to events at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

At blogTO, I write a weekly theatre preview article which profiles theatre, dance, and performance art happening in Toronto. The weekly preview is supplemented with performance reviews.

Milan Zvada (From Slovakia)ZVADA 08-09

Milan Zvada (2008-09 alumnus) Tampere/Amsterdam

Country of Origin - Slovakia

As an MAIPR alumnus I am sending you some thoughts on how MAIPR studies are connected with what I'm doing now, and how it helped me become a theatre journalist and cultural manager.Within MAIPR studies, I took an opportunity of Erasmus Work Placement Grant, which I spent in an independent culture centre in Slovakia for three months. This experience was linked with MAIPR courses, from which I already knew something about European cultural policies, its pros and cons, funding possibilities etc. Topics of corporatization of culture, intercultural dialogue, cultural exchange and networks, European declarations etc. - are good to be familiar with when writing and applying for cultural projects. I spent an internship period in International Dance Theatre - where I learned a lot about this art genre, and company management.

As a theatre journalist, I am publishing performance reviews and essays. MAIPR helped me train my writing skills and critical thinking. A glimpse into Performance Studies, anthropology, aesthetics, cultural theories etc... provided me with a good overview and set of ideas which I can further exploit in writing about performances, festivals, cultural policy etc.

Also, MAIPR is a great choice for those who are considering an academic career (PhD) because it will give them a solid overview of topics and issues in Humanities, and trains skills to conduct academic research and use their knowledge.

Continuous support of teachers and international scholars remains irrepleacable; MAIPR is specific because of diversity of students backgrounds (social, cultural, educational) and individual approach of teachers to each of them.

Diego de la Vega Wood (From Mexico)DE LA VEGA WOOD

Diego de la Vega Wood (2009-10 alumnus) Amsterdam/Warwick

Country of Origin - Mexico

"MAIPR was a space were I had the chance to explore some ideas that I would like to keep working on.” Diego wrote a thought-provoking dissertation on garden/ing as performance and he plans to further work on this material towards publication. “MAIPR was also a wonderful intercultural garden where I met some of the greatest people I know. MAIPR helped me understanding the world in different ways”, he writes.

Since graduating from the MAIPR programme in January 2011, Diego has had an amazing journey: “I got back to work on my PhD dissertation after the year and a half of MAIPR... which made me change half of it. The text was ready in early July, and I became a PhD in October 2011.”

In addition to completing his doctorate and upon return to his native Mexico City and teaching at the University, Diego was involved in creating a performance for the “Re/positions” festival, and started to work on a research project on mobile education in public elementary schools. In the summer of 2011 Diego became a member of the Mexican Foreign Service and he currently works in the Mexican Foreign Office as diplomatic attaché.

Juan Aldape (From Mexico)LAMPO 11-12

Juan Aldape Munoz (2011-12 alumnus) Warwick/University of Arts in Belgrade

Country of Origin - Mexico

I am truly thankful to have participated in the MAIPR program. Through this experimental program I was able to situate, challenge and practice both my own and others' understanding of performance practice and research. Having the opportunity to visit various universities and cultural institutions in different cities afforded me the opportunity to challenge critically my own suppositions about performance in an international context. What is more, whether living in a Belgrade flat with five other international cohort members or being in seminars with excellent scholars of performance research, MAIPR provides rich and flexible ( both the good and frustrating!) learning opportunities. Through the program and as a response to the program, I was able to develop a clearer research profile. Similarly, I made strong connections with my cohort that continue beyond the program. I have regularly collaborated with other cohort members on projects that have taken place in Ireland, Serbia and the US. Two such collaborative endeavors are A Perfarmance Project and Unlisted.

As a result of MAIPR, I can comfortably state that my research and practice centers at the intersection of dance studies, border studies and ethnography. I am a member of the Performance as Research working group for the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR/FIRT). I'm in the final stages of reworking a chapter from my MAIPR dissertation for a publication on dance and somatics. Beginning Autumn 2014, I will continue to improve the legibility of my scholarship within the Performance Studies program at the University of California Berkeley.

Maria Estrada Fuentes (From Colombia)ESTRADA FUENTES

Maria Estrada Fuentes (2009-10 MAIPR Alumna) Warwick/Tampere
Country of Origin - Colombia

Working with people from such different cultural and academic backgrounds, both staff and fellow students, prepared me to develop various roles in the job market. After MAIPR I have been lecturing in various Universities in Colombia while also working on peace-building and post-conflict reintegration programmes. I am currently a PhD candidate in the School of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Warwick.

Click on the following to access my Warwick PhD webpage Maria Estrada Fuentes


Zindaba Chisiza (From Malawi)CHISIZA photo 2 July 13

Zindaba Chisiza (2010-11 MAIPR Alumnus) Warwick/Amsterdam
Country of Origin - Malawi

Zindaba Chisiza joined the 2010-11 MAIPR programme from Chancellor College, the University of Malawi, at Warwick in early October 2010. Zindaba studied at the Universities of Warwick and Amsterdam and was awarded double MA degrees from both universities. His dissertation topic ‘When People Resist Change: Rethinking the Function of Participation in Participatory Health Communication: A Case of Malawi’ and his studies on the MAIPR programme were crucial for Zindaba being offered a position as Lecturer in Drama at Chancellor College, University of Malawi, back in his home country of Malawi.

Adam Alston (From the UK)ALSTON 11-12

Adam Alston (2008-09 MAIPR Alumnus) Warwick/Amsterdam
Country of Origin - England

I am currently an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London. I have a number of articles soon to be published in Contemporary Theatre Review and Studies in Theatre and Performance. I am also editor of Platform: journal of theatre and performing arts and a postgraduate representative for the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA). I am also composer for Curious Directive, whose production Your Last Breath won a Fringe First award at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Click on Platform to access the journal.

Click on Curious Directive to access the website
('Your Last Breath' toured the UK in 2012)

Neşe Ceren Tosun (From Turkey)TOSUN 11-12

Neşe Ceren Tosun (2009-10 MAIPR Alumna) Tampere/Warwick

Country of Origin - Turkey
Since leaving Warwick, I have been doing play translations, production management, teaching, dramaturgy for some plays, and project application counselling for performance artists who are willing to participate to international festivals. I have also been writing performance reviews. These diverse roles have given me many opportunities to employ my MAIPR teaching, writing and internship experiences. In particular, the experience and practice of accommodating diverse international perspectives from very different cultural backgrounds was a huge plus which I will be using constantly throughout my future career. I can say that the MAIPR gave all of its students the chance to develop an analytical mind and to enlarge it with practical approaches to academic study. It helped us develop the flexibility required in our current chosen modes of mobility and shared diversity.

I am delighted to have been awarded a full Chancellor Scholarship from the University of Warwick to fund my PhD research. I therefore returned to the university in October 2012; my main supervisor is Dr Tim White.

Marjukka Lampo (From Finland)LAMPO 11-12

Marjukka Lampo (2009-10 MAIPR alumna) Tampere/Warwick

Country of Origin - Finland

I am back in my home country of Finland, reading for a PhD at the University of Tampere. My project is on live action role-playing games (larps) as game-like perfo-spatial learning environments and my case study is on a refugee-themed 'larp' campaign called "On the Run", being organized during 2012 by the Finnish Red Cross. Representatives from four Swedish speaking areas within Finland (Helsinki, Turku, Åland and Ostrobothnia) have trained a group of young Red Cross volunteers to organize these games all over the South and West coasts of Finland for young people. The concept of "On the Run" is to make the participants experience what it might be like to be in a refugee camp in a foreign and, perhaps, hostile country. I am also working at the University of Tampere as the Project Manager for an Arts in Health project funded by the European Social Fund.