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MAIPR 2015-16 structure


The 2015-16 MAIPR programme structure is as follows:


The programme will be delivered by the University of Warwick, Trinity College, Dublin, and the University of Arts in Belgrade.

Autumn term 2015 (ST1): 5th October to 12th December 2015: Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Warwick (Warwick) in the UK: The ST1 period may include a creative placement/internship in an arts-related organisation in the UK, if not undertaken in Serbia.

Spring term 2016 (ST2): 18th January to 1st April 2016: School of Drama, Film and Music, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Summer term 2016 (ST3): 4th April to 15th June 2016. Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Arts in Belgrade (UAB) in Serbia: Arts in Belgrade. The summer school will also take place in Belgrade and will last for one week (Monday 30th May – Saturday 4th June 2016).

Summer vacation period 2016: the dissertation preparation period.

For general information, email maipr at warwick dot ac dot uk