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Dr Sruti Bala

Biographical Information

Sruti Bala (Lucknow/India, 28 December 1973) is Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Theatre Studies in the University of Amsterdam since 2007.

Guest Lecturer at the University of Ghent (Belgium), University of Hull at Scarborough (UK), College of Music and Drama, Khartoum (Sudan), Study Forum Berlin (Germany), and Central University of Hyderabad (India).

Ph.D. at the University of Mainz with a study on the performativity of nonviolent protest.

M.A. in German Literature, Philosophy, Comparative Religion (University of Bonn)

Founding member of the Berlin-based collective sabisa – performing change (

Facilitator in community radio and theatre, in India, Germany, Sudan and the UK.

Student of the Indian classical percussion instrument, tabla.


Sruti Bala is co-ordinator of the Erasmus Mundus MA International Performance Research Programme (MAIPR) at the University of Amsterdam. This programme is organised in collaboration with the universities of Warwick (UK), Helsinki/Tampere (Finland) and Belgrade (Serbia).

MAIPR Programme (University of Warwick)
MAIPR Programme (University of Amsterdam)
Courses taught at BA level

Applied Theatre
Bertolt Brecht (20th century European avantgarde theatre)

Courses taught at MA level

Key Theories in International Performance Research
Dissertation Colloquium and Additional Lectures
Current Research Interests
Community theatre, theatre and performance in zones of violent conflict, contemporary German playwriting, feminist theory, performance theory, participatory pedagogy.



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dr. S. (Sruti) Bala
Capaciteitsgroep Theaterwetenschap

Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18
1012 CP Amsterdam
Room: 314