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Prof Vesna Đjukić

Central scientific and artistic fields: management in the culture

- Management in the culture - the basic academic studies
- Theory of Communication - Graduate academic studies
- Management in culture and art - the doctoral academic studies
- The theory of cultural policy - the doctoral academic studies

Dr Djukic teaches at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts since 2003 in Cultural Policy. She graduated from the Organization of cultural and artistic activities 1981st year, a master's 1989th year. Ph.D. in 1995. at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts Studies in dramatic arts - in the field of organization of cultural-artistic activities. Selected full professor 2008th year.


Dr Djukic has published five books (Rural Tourism in Serbia, the right to difference urban-rural transitional cultural policy - the confusion and dilemmas, cultural tourism - management and development strategies, government and culture - the study of contemporary cultural politics) And about 50 professional and scientific papers in domestic and international print and electronic publications.

Since 2008, she has been a member of the Working Group of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia for professional development and continuous education and head of the team of collaborators of the Provincial Secretariat for Culture to develop proposals for long-term strategic development of the Strategy Document of culture in the Province from 2010-2018. Since 2005. is a member of the National Council of educators in the period 2001-2003. she was the director of the Institute for the Study of Cultural Development.

At the invitation of the Open Society, Magna Agenda and other non-governmental organizations, as well as the Institute for the Study of Cultural Development, Center for Professional Development and Consulting UU, the European Agency for Reconstruction, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and the other organizers, held more than 50 educational seminars representatives of state administrative bodies and employees in the field of culture and tourism.

Dr Djukic has participated in 10 national and international research projects, including three research projects funded by the Institute of Arts, Ministry of Science and Technology, RS: The function of art and media in European integration: Serbia 2000-2010 (no. 149 004), Media and Education, ( no. 1799) and media representation of national and cultural identity in Serbia (no. 1312).

She is also Head of the action of the institutional management and cultural policy - interviews with ministers of culture and directors of cultural institutions in the countries of Southeastern Europe (Institute of Theater, Film, Radio and Television Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Science and Environmental RS, 2005 / 2006), Cultural policy in Serbia in the period since 1989. to 2001. (Institute for the Study of Cultural Development Fund, Open Society Institute and Central European University in Budapest, international scholarship 2002/2003) Research and Documentation Project Geokulturna map of Serbia (Institute for the Study of Cultural Development, 2002/2003).


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