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Professor Tomislav Šola

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Tomislav Šola is presently Professor of Museology at the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Information Sciences, Chair of Museology). Subjects taught include: Contemporary Museums, General Theory of Heritage and Heritage Institutions. He is the head of the Chair of Museology and the head of post-graduate studies in Museology.

Professor Šola began his scholarship with a degree in the History of Art from the University of Zagreb (1975), where he also studied Journalism and Muselogy at the post-graduate level. He began his museum career as curator at what is today the Contemporary Art Museum in Zagreb. During his seven years there, Šola received a research scholarship from the French government, which he spent working for a year in ICOM Documentation centre and attending the courses of G.H. Riviere at the Sorbonne (1978-79). For the next seven years of his career, Šola served as Director of the Museum Documentation Centre and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine "Informatica Museologica," the only publication of its kind in former Yugoslavia. Šola earned a Ph.D. in Museology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1985.

Šola is the author of the book Essays on Museums and their theory (Finnish Museums Association, Helsinki 1997), the book awarded in 1998 by the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences as the book of the year in information sciences. In 2001 he has published a book Marketing in museums or the virtue and how to make it known (Croatian Museums Association, Zagreb), published also in Belgrade in 2002. He has written extensively on the subject of Museology. He has published some 263 articles in professional magazines and newspapers, and contributed chapters to five books published in Great Britain. In addition, he has published an art monograph, a bibliophile edition, and exhibition catalogues on a number of artists. Some of his writings have been translated into eleven languages.

An active participant in the field of Museology, Prof. Šola has presented papers in 52 international events in numerous countries. He also lectured widely all over the world-about 167 hours of teaching in total (including regular sessions at ISSOM, Masaryk University in Brno and European Heritage School in Barcelona, where he served on the Academic board).

In addition to his conference participation, Šola has organised three conferences of the international committees of the international museum organisation, ICOM, - UNESCO. He was the founder and Programme Director of International Summer School for Heritage Studies (ISSHS), Jyvaskyla, Finland, and is the author of the heritage centre project proposal "This is Finland" in Jyvaskyla. He is also the author of the project concept of "Bridges-the virtual museum of Europe," further devoped by Haus der Geschichte in Bonn. Professor Šola also has served as a consultant in numerous museum projects.

Tomislav Šola has occupied important offices within the museum profession, both nationally and internationally, including the chairmanship of the National Committee of ICOM-UNESCO, a seat on the the Executive Council of ICOM, and the Board membership in ICOFOM/ICOM (International Committee of Museology). In 1997 he was appointed senior curator-researcher in Museology in the National Museum of Denmark. Until 2001 he was member of the Jury of the European Museum of the Year Award (EMF/Council of Europe). He is presently a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of "Museum International" (UNESCO) , of "Museum Practice" (Museums Association, UK) and International Journal of Heritage Studies (UK) as well as of Advisory Committee of International Network of Peace Museums and of Scientific Committee of Institut del Patrimoni Cultural (Girona, Spain). Professor Šola has conceived and is organising the international annual event "The Best in Heritage".