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Dr Nikola Šuica

BA (Belgrade), PhD (Belgrade)


I studied Art History at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Art History (1980-1985), and had my postgraduate studies at the same Faculty Department University of Belgrade in 1996. From 1987 till 1998, as an Art Historian I had a post at Library of University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade. My PhD - Visual Arts/ Photography and Film Studies titled 'Allegorical Visuals: Historical and Theoretical issues of Allegorical Significance in Contemporary Visual Arts' at University of Arts, Belgrade 2005 was the first interdisciplinary dissertation at University of Arts, Belgrade, prior to accredited curricula and PhD courses. Currently Associate Professor and Head of Department for Theory Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade.

Activities since 1986, include: Texts, Essays, Arts exhibitions Catalogues, Film Essays and curating of Solo and Group Exhibitions.

Texts and interviews, as well, as translations from English have been published in several periodical magazines, in weeklies, arts, film and culture magazines, both from Belgrade - Serbia, Zagreb - Croatia and Ljubljana - Slovenia, texts and several websites editing. Contributing to Radio Belgrade 2 and 3 programmes with interviews and essays and Radio B92. Screenwriting for Television Belgrade programmes on Arts and Culture.

My most recent research interest is based on imagery related to rememberance and memory within art historical concerns, both regional and global. Focus on early Modernism and contemporary Arts relate to the impact of media disciplines as well as to the notions of changes in artistic radicalism, phenomena of memory and oblivion, as well as to memorials and their relation to spatial and temporal evidence both in artworks as in theories.

I had numerous public lectures and presentations, contributions to the programmes of The British Council in Belgrade, Cinema Rex Radio B92, Center for Cultural decontamination, Jewish community Belgrade; Instituto Cervantes, Goethe Institut Belgrad. I was a participating member of ‘Outside Project’ Studio Arts Center International workshops with several lectures in Florence 2005 - 2009. Selected Conferences and symposiums abroad were: Memory and Oblivion, Int. Art History Congress, Amsterdam 1996; Border Crossings International Walter Benjamin Conference, Barcelona 2000; The Hebrew Identity and Anti-Semitism in Central and South East Europe, Goethe Institut Bucharest 2002; SACI lecture Studio Arts Internatiopnal, Florence 2004, Memorial Center Falstad, Norway 2010 etc.

My published articles relate to the hidden legacies of Art History in regional art and cultural studies with a scope in urban changes in terms of Psychogeography and its effects in contemporary artistic strategies. I made several courses at master level of Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade relating questions of 'Origin of Artistic Dissent', 'On Temporality in Modern and Contemporary Arts' and 'Changes of Spectacle in terms of Artistic production in Visual Arts and Photography.'

Within my area of research of representation in Visuals Arts and Film Studies I made several texts, as well as interviews regarding works of Peter Greenaway (I curated his retrospective and exhibition in ex Yugoslavia in ‘89), Brothers Quay and mediation of Photography/ Moving imagery. Moreover, I have made several ambient settings of videos and photography such as 'Leon Koen, painter' in Cinema Rex Belgrade in 1996, and 'Lost Needle', Jewish Historical Museum Belgrade for Night of The Museums 2008.

Research Interests

  • Art of Remembrance and Archiving
  • Holocaust and memorialisation in Art
  • Video and Photography ambient settings
  • Writing for radio and screen


Books / Exhibition Monographs (selected)

The Art of Trajkovic Collection, Sara print Belgrade 2010.

Milan Blanuša: Paintings, Prints, terracotas, Kulturni centar, Vršac 2009.

Closed Circuits’, International group Exhibition Belgrade 2005 (along selected Artists from Serbia, featured were the works of Martha Rosler, Tom Phillips, Istvan Horkay, Peter Greenaway), etc. Museum of City of Belgrade 2005.

Tom Phillips - New Moment magazine issue, Belgrade 2003.

Sculpture of Milun Vidic, ULUS Belgrade 2003.

Leon Koen, Yugoslavian gallery of Artworks, Belgrade 2001.

Memorial Chamber' - Gunpowder Storage, BELEF Belgrade 1997.

The Art of Radomir Reljic, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Belgrade1996.

Editor: Anthology on the works of English Painter & Poet William Blake in Serbo/Croat.'Gradac' from Cacak, Serbia 1991.

Co-editor: 1988/91 - Co-Editor and Contributor in quarterly 'Delo', published by Nolit, Belgrade, in a collected writings and translations edition entitled 'Postmodern Aura: I-V' in five volumes.

Referred Articles (selected)

Scope of many articles in periodicals, anthologies include:

"Twilight of Ethics and influx of Passion’ (on Belgrade artistic scene in the 90s) in "Nineties – Emerging Art in nineties Yugoslavia", in Projekt art, no. 3 ; Novi Sad 1994.; Visualising the remembered event in Vladimir Nabokov’s prose", in Ruski Almanah, br. 6 - Književno društvo Pismo, Zemun 1995.

‘Optique of Historical Setting’ (in 100 years in: Reč br. 15, B92 Beograd 1995.

“Coal Elevator” in issue “Avant-Garde”, New Moment no. 6, Saatchi & Saatchi, Beograd 1996.

"Emission of Absence" in book anthology "Visual Art at the Turn of the century", ed. Irina Subotić, Clio, Beograd 1998.

The Works and Ideas of Tom Phillips, New Moment no. 25, Think like Leonardo, Ljubljana - Beograd 2004.

Logos of media Age ' (Phenomena of photograph and moving image): Remont Art magazine, br. 16/ 17, Beograd 2007.

"Beyond Cynical Reasoning – Encompassing the Contemporary Arts in Serbia" in: Res, no. 3. Dirimart, Istanbul 2009.



Two chapters for History of Art in Serbia (Vol.II): a) Vanishing of Jewish Culture and Arts; b) Grotesque existentialism in Painting - Orion Publishing, Belgrade 2011.

I am currently finishing three books: a comprehensive survey on the Art of Belgrade / Munich painter Leon Koen (1859-1934) that deals with questions of survival of Symbolist idiom, nationhood, anti-semitism and critical reception of ‘otherness’in Serbian cultural History. ‘Visualisation of Holocaust’ an examination of principles of depiction of evil; ‘Transfer of Exile - From Object Art towards new Escapism’ a 60s to 90s artistic strategies argued within restrained artistic confrontation in Serbian Art & Culture.


Courses taught in 2010/2011:


Faculty of Fine Arts (basic and master studies)

Ancient Phenomena and introduction to Art History

Outlines of Modern and Contemporary Art

Status of Archive principle in Contemporary Arts

Dissent in Modern and Contemporary Arts


University of Arts (MA and PhD Courses)

Theory of Experimental Film and Video Art

Comparative Theory of Media

Studies in Performance Art

Epistemology of Research in Arts, culture and media