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Theatre Studies PGR: Request to spend approval form

As an MPhil/PhD student, it is your responsibility to keep track of what you spend.

Please complete this form and wait for your request to be approved before incurring any spend.

NOTE: For students enrolling in October 2013 onwards a maximum of £500 (full-time) and £300 (part-time) per year per individual student will normally be made available to spend on travel to conference, conference accommodation, conference fees etc, implying a total of £1500. For practice-as-research students a separate fixed amount is set aside to assist with costs towards practical examinations. This is a nominal amount, applicable to the whole period of study, as follows: £200 PhD, £120 MPhil, £75 MA. PaR students may use some of their annual £500 maximum allocation towards developmental practical work as appropriate and in agreement with their supervisors and the DGS.


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This form is not anonymous. Data which personally identifies you is collected on the form and will be passed to Nicolas Whybrow (DGS) for his approval.
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