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Annouchka Bayley

Annouchka Bayley is currently housed between the School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies, and Warwick Business School. Her doctoral thesis, Deterritorialisations in Pedagogy: Encounters between Practice-as-Research and Management Learning, takes a performance based approach to the development of interdisciplinary teaching and learning that attempts to raise students' critical awareness of real world problems, and foster innovative strategies for engaging them in participatory practices whilst studying in a management learning context. In this capacity, Annouchka won Strategic Project Funding from The Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning (Warwick) to take 11 PhD students from WBS to Warwick-in-Venice to invesitgate the Renaissance roots of contemporary global trading practices. In Venice, students engaged in performance based research approaches to the impact of historical and urban-geographical issues, performing their findings to an audience on a boat in Stratford upon Avon before finally writing the research up as their own unique case studies. This work forms the spine of the research to be presented in Annouchka's thesis.

In 2014, Annouchka won a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATEPGR) for her work teaching and developing the curriculum for Critical Issues in Law and Management, Accounting Inquiry, Leadership and the Art of Judgement, and Images of Creativity. Students said:

“Annouchka encouraged us to think, not only inside and outside the metaphorical box, but under, over, around and whilst taking a backwards step.”

“I can now say that not only has CILM (Critical Issues in Law and Management) added merit to my degree; it has become the Avant-Garde of my WBS experience.”

“I feel that overall I have significantly grown as a critical thinker and am looking forward to applying these skills to the academic material next term.”

“She made us want to come to class and made us really think about everything under a new light. Her lessons had such an impact on us that we still discuss out comes of it.”


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On (Dis)locating the Trans-cultural through Performance: A Practice-as-Research Investigation into Dual-heritage Experience in the UK in ed. Munro, J. Spaces of Dislocation. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2013.


Annouchka taught Devising, Composition and Storytelling UG courses at the Birmingham School of Acting. She has written, performed and directed more than 15 one-woman and ensemble shows in the UK, France, Germany and Japan. She is also an Emerging Director with the Royal Shakespeare Company.