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Carmen Wong

Carmen C. Wong creates performances, performative installations, and conceptual artworks. She is a practice-based PhD candidate at the University of Warwick with the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies where she is exploring and creating performances of belonging through food with cooks from immigrant communities. This research examines ecologies and sites of belonging within places of food-making by examining everyday cooking choreographies, food micro-ethnologies and the slippery concept of food authenticity.

Her dialogical method of working engages everyday aesthetics and materiality and attends to sensory perceptions and their affects. Her work almost always includes food as a material that embodies personal mythologies (that trigger memory and nostalgia), and social-political metaphors. Her series of gastro-performance work, evolved since 2009 has propagated a Tactile Eating workshop and projects that examine performances by, with, and around food and its eaters in/for DC, New York, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Belgrade, New Delhi, and Singapore.