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Elizabeth Turner

Current Research

Supervisor: Dr Tim White

My thesis aims to investigate televised performances of magic, using works by Dynamo, David Blaine and Derren Brown as case studies. Working from Simon During's definition of 'secular magic' as 'technically produced magic of conjuring shows and special effects... which stakes no serious claim to contact the supernatural' (2002) and the existing body of scholarship that positions work by these performers as outside established stage and televisual conventions, I will use their work to examine the conditions for live and mediated entertainment. The concepts my thesis will explore include the construction of a masculine identity through the use of risk, the occupation of 'open' urban and 'enclosed' stage spaces, cameras and eyeballs in misdirection and dynamics between performers and spectators.


MA by Research with Distinction (University of Warwick, 2013)

BA First Class Honours (University of Warwick, 2011)


University of Warwick/ AHRC Doctoral Award (current)

AHRC Research Preparation Masters Award (2012)