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Glenn Noble

Thesis: An examination of the development of devised physical theatre practices and their impact on contemporary British Theatre.
Supervisor: Dr Nicolas Whybrow
Research Summary:
I established Spike Theatre in Liverpool in 1993 (and since then have witnessed/been part of the ‘Physical Theatre movement’) – I wish to research how devised practices that have formed a ‘working language’ within this genre have impacted upon mainstream theatre and have been absorbed into more traditional British theatre making/direction.
During this time I have worked with/come into contact a diverse range of practitioners and companies and will use these relationships to create case studies and discussions relating to the research the topic.
The research began realistically in 1993 – it has taken me until now to formalise it….. It has taken me up and down the highways and byways of the UK in a Transit, to Theatres, Arts centres, Studios, Village Halls, Schools and streets and parks. And pleasantly it has shown me parts of the world that I otherwise might not have seen.
I hope to show that the dominant British obsession with Literature as a controlling force in theatre has assisted in the suffocation and loss of performance craft. I wish to show that what was regarded as an ‘alternative’ theatre movement 20-30yrs ago has developed to move main stage and challenge this suffocation.

Glenn Noble with Hoof