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Hannah Phillips

PhD Title: Heterophobia: Subverting Heterosexual Hegemony through Intermedial Applied Performance for Young People

Homophobia is currently epidemic in Britain’s schools. In response to recent reports and statistics I am investigating the effectiveness of a combination of applied performance and digital technology to challenge young people’s preconceived ideas and normative discourses around 'compulsory heterosexuality' in schools.

The tradition of theatre in education has inspired young people for generations it now needs reimagining and the current socio-political climate is the ideal time to develop new forms of participatory practice for young people under the umbrella of ‘applied performance’. 'Heterophobia' is an interdisciplinary urban musical for young people which which presents the struggle of one young heterosexual male, Ryan, trying to ‘come out’ in a homosexual world, a binaristic sexuality switch of the privileged and the oppressed and forms the practice part of this PhD.