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Seong-Kwan Cho

Thesis: An Intercultural Shakespeare Study
Supervisor: Margaret Shewring
The subject of my research is an intercultural Shakespeare study with a focus on English Renaissance theatre and I am going into the second year of my PhD.
Conference paper: 'To be or not to be an exotic amusement: the dilemma of Korean Shakespeare performance' at the fourth conference of British Shakespeare Association 2009, King's College London.
Publication: Translations of A Lie of the Mind (Sam Shepard), A Dream Play (August Strindberg), and several articles on Korean theatre and East Asian rock.
Educated at Kyunghee University (English Literature), Seoul, South Korea and Queen Mary University of London (Performance).
I have been working as assistant director, stage manager, dramaturgy and translator in Seoul theatre scene. I also once worked as music journalist, rock festival organiser and DJ (specialised in independent rock in East Asia).
I am very fond of the Highlands (as it reminds me of my motherland) and interested in Glasgow music scene, as well as PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes and Ralph Vaughan Williams.