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Shahnaz Mohd Baldev Shah

Title: Creative campus movement in Malaysia's Public Universities: Makum Theatre Project as site for Interdisciplinary Exchange and Lifelong Learning

Supervisors: Nicolas Whybrow and Joe Winston (Centre for Education Studies)

This study falls under the realm of applied drama/theatre in adult education. It parallels the phenomenon of the United State's Creative Campus Movement (CCM) to the local context, focusing on the MAKUM Theatre Festival. With this view, projects carried out for the festival are sites that encourage creative interdisciplinary exchanges and lifelong learning. The purposed study aims to document the current scenario of CCM in Malaysia's public higher academic institutions. A further objective is to examine the nature of creative interdisciplinary exchanges and lifelong learning among students who engage in drama and theatre, both as formal form of education and informal education. The study is expected to raise our understanding towards the possibility of drama and theatre activities as agent of creative interdisciplinary pedagogy and lifelong learning, subsequently enhancing their relevance in today's academic scene.