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Tomi Oladepo

Doctoral Researcher

Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, Univeristy of Warwick

My areas of research interest are:

  • Digital Media communications (social media, mobile telephony, blogs and more)
  • The Public sphere and the politics of public culture
  • Cultural and creative enterprise
  • Africa, human and cultural rights, and democratisation
Digital Media Communications

By digital media, I refer to the information and communication technologies as well as the changing user behaviours (culture) that often herald their adoption. From social media to mobile telephony, blogs and more, I am interested in how these tools affect culture and society and how they may be leveraged on to further development in societies.

The Public Sphere and the Politics of Public Culture

The word public has taken on different meanings over time both in literature and in lived realities. As an area of research, I am interested in understanding what makes up the public and what constitutes public culture today; especially with the advent of new information and communication technologies that may be argued to be altering the dynamics of the relationship among elements that make up the public - people, governments, agencies, civil society organisations and more.

Cultural and Creative Enterprise

By this, I refer to businesses, agencies, and organisations that promote arts, public culture, design and media communications in manners that contribute to a developing civil society. In essence, I am interested in examining how the potentilas of cultural and creative industries (especially through use of digital media) may be harnessed for development.

Africa, Human and Cultural rights, and Democratisation

Africa forms the hub of all my research interests. As a continent made up of developing countries, there is so much potential for development, especially in the areas of human and cultural rights and democratisation, given the rise of information and communication technologies, among other developments. These development potentials are hampered by several socio-economic and political factors, depending on the context and country under study. However, as a researcher, I seek to explore these factors in a bid to promote development strategies, not just for the benefit of the continent, but the global community.

My PhD Thesis

My doctoral research, Developing a Culture of Democracy through the Digital Public Sphere: The Case of Nigeria, is an empirical study in digital media behavour and the 'digital public sphere' in Nigeria (and Africa generally) and aims at developing a theoretical model of democracy. I hold that democracy can be extended through the 'public' function of digital media. In line with UNESCO's 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, I believe that culture is an essential dimension to a just and democratic society, and an active component in social and economic development.

Hence, my thesis aims at defining democracy as a dimension of ‘culture’ – a form of thinking, ethical behaviour and inter-cultural communication. Through developing a digital public sphere in Nigeria, new citizen groups, intercultural and arts organisations, will require new strategies for mobilising media in developing a culture of democracy.

For more, please visit my research page.

Tomi Oladepo

T. Oladepo

T dot O dot Oladepo at warwick dot ac dot uk