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Theatre and Performance Studies: research in the department

The major areas of research interest in the Department revolve around modern and contemporary theatre, performance studies, and theatre history and historiography. Within these areas more specific emphases include: national, trans-national and intercultural performance within the context of globalisation; performance and the environment, particularly in relationship to the city and to site-specific performance; theatre and exile; theatre and memory; popular and political theatre and performance; Renaissance theatre; theatre historiography; British theatre 1780 to the present; modern European theatre; theatre in the ‘new’ Europe; African theatre.

Staff Research Interests (see individual staff pages for more detail):

Professor Jim Davis: English 19th century theatre and drama; melodrama; theatre audiences.

Dr Milija Gluhovic: theatre and memory; contemporary North American and European avant-garde performance; contemporary European drama; the new Europe; Polish theatre.

Dr Susan Haedicke: European street theatre; dramaturgy; performance studies; contemporary international performance and live art; community-based theatre.

Dr Anna Harpin: politics, representation, and non-normative psychological experiences; the cultural politics of madness and trauma; research intersects with psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and philosophy.

Professor Nadine Holdsworth: popular theatre practitioners of the 20th/21st centuries; British theatre and performance; theories of identity, particularly in relation to nation, gender, ethnicity and globalisation.

Dr Yvette Hutchison: African and South African drama and performance and their relationship to myth, memory and history; oral and intercultural theatrical forms; aesthetics and agency, gender.

Dr Silvija Jestrovic: critical theory, 20th century theatre and drama, avant-garde and political theatre, exilic drama and theatre, post-modern performance, semiotics of performance, playwriting and dramaturgy.

Professor Baz Kershaw (Emeritus): the politics of performance; the radical in performance; performance and democracy; performance and ecology; community-based/site­specific/participatory theatre; 20th century theatre and performance history/historiography, especially spectacle/audiences/economics; advanced performance research methods, including practice as research/reflexive performance writing; collaborative creative processes in theatre and performance.

Professor Andy Lavender: contemporary theatre and performance, in particular looking at intermedial and cross-disciplinary work, new production processes and changes to the nature of performance and spectatorship.

Dr Wallace McDowell: theatre of Northern Ireland; national identities; masculinities and performance.

Professor Janelle Reinelt (Emeritus): contemporary performance; trans-national theatre and performance; contemporary British performance.

Dr Margaret Shewring: English late 16th and 17th century drama and theatre; late 19th and 20th century performance traditions; Max Reinhardt; Shakespeare on the modern stage; Shakespeare in an international context.

Dr Tim White: Theatre and art; new media; multimedia performance; performance and food.

Dr Nicolas Whybrow: contemporary performance practices; performing cities; art and the city; performance ‘on foot’; live art and performance; site-specific practices; sustainability and globalisation.