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Recently Completed Theses

James Wilson (PhD 2014)
Thesis: Social Authorship and Performance Text
Nic Fryer (PhD with Education, 2013)
Thesis: Towards an ethical creativity in the pedagogy of devised theatre and performance

Awelani Moyo (PhD 2013)
Thesis: Re-tracing Invisible Maps: landscapes in and as performance in contemporary South Africa

Barrie Francis (PhD 2013)
Thesis: Victorian Values and the Victorian Theatre
Jeanette Rissmann (PhD 2013)
Thesis: Dialect, Drama and Translation: a socio-cultural investigation into the factors influencing the choice of strategies in German-speaking Europe
Rachel King (PhD 2013)
Thesis: Processes of Audience Reception and Aesthetic Adaptation in Performance of a Positive Multiculturalism
Joshua Bennett (MA by Research 2012)
Thesis: Cakewalking on Water: reading disability and race in the transatlantic world
Yotam Benshalom (PhD 2012)
Title: Performing Translation: theatrical theory and its relevance to textual transfer
Esther Belvis Pons (PhD 2012 with the University of Barcelona)
Thesis: Trans-formative theatre: living further realities
Annouchka Bayley (MA by Research 2012)
Thesis: Many Medeas: developing radical, subversive and mercurial voices through pedagogy and performance creation
Hazem Azmy (PhD 2012)
Thesis: Staging Egypt on Global Stages: theatre, identity, dialogics and the post 9-11 empty signifier
Dafydd James (PhD 2011)
Thesis: Queer Moments: the profound politics of performance
Simon Ferdinand (MA by Research 2011)
Thesis: Perfoming the Dead
Paradee Tungtang (PhD 2011)
Thesis: Translating and Staging Shakespeare in Thailand
David Coates (MA by Research 2010)
Thesis: Private and Amateur Theatricals at Chatsworth House 1890-19
Jennifer Markowitz (MA by Research [practice] 2010)
Thesis: An Examination of the Use of 'Site' in Directing the Performances of Play-texts
Glenn Noble (MA by Research 2010)
Thesis: An Examination of the Emergence of a Physical Theatre Infrastructure in the UK (1980 onwards) from Personal, Regional and National Perspectives

Catherine Hale (MA by Research 2010)
Thesis: An Agonistic Approach to Democratic Devising: Forusight Theatre, Collaboration and the Creative Process
Nesrin Alferai (PhD 2009)
Thesis: An Analytical Study of Sadallah Wannous’s Contribution towards Defining an Arabic Theatre in the 20th Century
Julia Austin (MA by Research, 2009)
Thesis: Encountering the 'Negress': Performative Approaches to the Art of Kara Walker
Cherie Wang (PhD, 2009)
Thesis: Affective Technology in Theatre
Sally Mackey (PhD, 2009)
Thesis: Site-Specific Theatre and the Performance of Space
Wallace McDowell (PhD, 2008)
Thesis: Renegotiating Loyalist Identities through Performative Practices
Rinko Yamagishi (MA by Research 2008)
Thesis: Staging childhood: the plays of Caryl Churchill, 1962-2002