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Performance Spaces: historical and contemporary developments

This module will address the development of theatre spaces, selecting examples from the Ancient Greeks to the present. Lectures will provide an overview of principal developments. Issues of theatre historiography will be raised. Seminars will discuss different types of space across historical periods and in relation to current and future developments.

Theatre Auditoria: Sensory Perception, Regulation and Legislation

This module will extend the students' understanding of the interior of performance venues. Approaches will include an analysis of modes of perception and their implications. It will consider individual elements in the design of auditoria in terms of the ways in which these elements trigger multi-sensory responses through light, sound, smell and touch.

Venue Management: programming, infrastructure and audience experience

This module aims to give students experience of the different tasks that constitute the management of an arts complex so that they can bring this knowledge to bear in their work .

Diploma Dissertation

The Diploma dissertation marks the culmination of the taught, part-time Diploma course in Theatre Consultancy. It will build on skills and knowledge acquired during the course and will allow for a piece of written work on a topic of the candidate's choice, decided in consultation with a supervisor (or supervisors).

MA Dissertation

The MA Dissertation offers the opportunity for advanced research into a particular project enabling candidates to increase their knowledge base and to develop a range of research skills and methodologies under the guidance of a supervisor (or supervisors).