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Clive Barker Award for Performance

The Clive Barker Award for Performance 2016-17

Guidelines for submission

This award is designed to provide practical and financial support for Theatre and Performance Studies students who plan to create a piece of extra-­‐curricular performance work in the School with a view to submitting this work to the Edinburgh Festival or a similar public platform. The recipients of this award will receive up to £600 to help mount the work and will be given access to rehearsal space and technical support (subject to availability and a maximum amount of 15 hours of technical support) to realise the project. It is anticipated that projects will be developed over the Easter break, post-­‐summer exams and/or in the early stages of the summer break.

Who can apply?

The lead person or team can be any undergraduate single or joint honours Theatre and Performance Studies students. We particularly encourage applications for projects that involve students from across the year groups but this is not essential.

Which type of projects can be supported?

We will consider all projects that involve some aspect of performance e.g. devised performance, site-­‐specific performance, performance installation, productions of plays, video-­‐based projects, street theatre, etc.

Who will assess your application?

A committee consisting of staff and student representatives from the SSLC will select the most clearly conceived and creative proposal.* Students may be called for a brief interview if further clarification on proposals is required.

How do you apply?

You need to submit a proposal that contains the following information:  

1. Names and year of study for the students involved at the time of application.

2. A 100 word statement on the background of the proposed project (how has the idea emerged?).

3. A 300 word description of the creative vision for the project outlining key aspects such as theme, form, style, design ideas, etc.

4. Personal skills and qualities which the applicants possess which are relevant to the project in the form of a CV of practical experience.

5. Provisional time-­‐plan for realising the project.

6. A provisional budget for the project

7. Benefits which may be expected to accrue to the participants.

Deadline for applications

Submit your proposal by email by 4pm on Friday 10th February 2017 to Dr Nicolas Whybrow –


*If an SSLC member wishes to make a proposal they will not be permitted to be part of the committee.