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2nd Year Options Form Single Honours 2013/4

This form is for current first year SINGLE HONOURS Theatre and Performance Studies students. There are separate forms for JOINT HONOURS students and those wishing to take one or more Theatre Studies modules as EXTERNAL OPTIONS

You are required to take 120 CATS of modules in Year 2. At least 90 of these must be in Theatre Studies (with the remainder comprised of modules from an external department - please contact individual departments to see what is available and consider this in relation to the time and workload committments of your Theatre modules)

It IS possible to take 8 x 15 CAT modules to reach 120 BUT we advise against this because each module will have at least one assessment point and you will find yourself with a considerable number of deadlines. We endeavour to ensure that deadlines are spaced out across the year but with the number of possible combinations and other constraints on when they can be set it is possible that some will fall in close proximity to one another - taking 6 or fewer modules (a combination of 15 and 30 CATS) will reduce the possibility of such a situation.

Incompatible Options
It is NOT possible to take both Live At and Marketing because they overlap in the timetable. Marketing is being made available to 2nd and 3rd years so the expectation would be that those who chose not to take it in 2nd year could apply to take it in the 3rd year. Obviously we cannot gaurantee a place (nor even that this or any other course will run the following year).

Repeating Modules
Both 20th Century Irish Theatre and the Independent Project run in Autumn and Spring terms. You may take them only once.

Autumn/Spring Term balance
You should ensure that you take a balanced load across the two terms eg if you have selected one 30 CAT option your remaining 90 CATS should be divided 45 CATS per term.

Supporting Statement
Ideally, everybody would be able to take their first choice of options but constraints of class sizes, staff availability and workload mean that we need some flexibility in order to accommodate everyone. Our primary objective is to ensure parity and to this end we ask that you provide your first choices of modules and fill in a supporting statement setting out which modules you feel most strongly about taking. Making a case for all your modules doesn't help us that much - if everyone has to take one of their second options and you have told us that every one of your choices is equally important then that requires us to dfetermine which one we will substitute with a second or third choice of module. Because some modules are necessarily capped in numbers we sometimes have to override even a strongly-argued case for taking that module.

Making your choices
Single Honours students in Theatre Studies have a special dispensation regarding the balance of assessed to examined work; whereas the rest of the university operates a 50/50 split, you may take up to 65% assessed work (and a minimum of 35% examined work) across your final two years. As we operate a number of practical courses that are examined this should not be to great an issue but please note the % of assessed work accompanying each module on the outlines page to ensure that you do not leave yourself needing a large examined percentage in the final year.

You should talk to students and tutors about modules and, if they are existing modules, review the mix of assessments and the expectations around them in terms of time (eg as can be seen from the current Summer timetable some modules have a significant workload in the third term)

Closing date
We will be closing this form on Friday Week 2 at 4pm (Friday 3rd May). We do not give preference to forms that arrive earlier than the deadline but will give preference to those that are submitted on time to those that are relayed to us after the deadline

Options Meeting
This is primarily intended to go through the process of choosing your options and submitting this form. The meeting for 1st Years going into 2nd Year is Week 1 Monday 22nd April 1400-1500 - G53

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.


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