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External Students Form 2013/4

This form is for students not taking Theatre Studies as all or part of their degree but interested in taking a module in the department.

You may take up to 30 CATS in an external department. We offer both 15 CAT and 30 CAT modules and you should check with your department as to whether you can take 2nd year modules in your final year and vice versa.

Repeating Modules
20th Century Irish Theatre runs in Autumn and Spring terms. You may take it only once.

Supporting Statement
In determining places on our modules we must first ensure that we can allocate our Single and Joint Honours students before considering requests from students in other departments. After we have allocated spaces it may well be that we no longer have capacity in the module(s) you have selected or else there are several other external students all wishing to take the module in excess of its capacity. To aid us in placing you we encourage you to provide a supporting statement, explaining why you wish to take the module and if you would consider an alternative module should the one you have chosen not be available.

Making your choices
Please note the % of assessed work accompanying each module on the outlines pages to ensure that you do not leave yourself needing a large examined percentage in the final year.

You should talk to students and tutors about modules and, if they are existing modules, review the mix of assessments and the expectations around them in terms of time (eg as can be seen from the current Summer timetable some modules have a significant workload in the third term)

Closing date
We will be closing this form on Friday Week 2 at 4pm (Friday 3rd May). We do not give preference to forms that arrive earlier than the deadline but will give preference to those that are submitted on time to those that are relayed to us after the deadline. As noted above we do give preference to Single and Joint Honours students over those from other departments.

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.