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REVISED 3rd Year Options Form Joint Honours 2013/4

This form is for current second year JOINT HONOURS Theatre and Performance Studies students. Because of an error in the original page we are having to conduct this process again. We apologise for this but are able to make avaialble a further option, Staging Shakespeare

You are required to take 30 CATS of modules in Theatre Studies in Year 3. It is possible to take up to 60 CATS in Theatre Studies, with your extra 30 CATS being considered external options.

Supporting Statement
Ideally, everybody would be able to take their first choice of options but constraints of class sizes, staff availability and workload mean that we need some flexibility in order to accommodate everyone. Our primary objective is to ensure parity and to this end we ask that you provide your first choices of modules and fill in a supporting statement setting out which modules you feel most strongly about taking. Making a case for all your modules doesn't help us that much - if everyone has to take one of their second options and you have told us that every one of your choices is equally important then that requires us to determine which one we will substitute with a second choice of module. Because some modules are necessarily capped in numbers we sometimes have to override even a strongly-argued case for taking that module.

Making your choices
Joint Honours students in Theatre Studies have to conform to the University policy on an even balance of assessed to examined work (50% examined, 50% assessed) Please note the % of assessed work accompanying each module on the outlines page.

You should talk to students and tutors about modules and, if they are existing modules, review the mix of assessments and the expectations around them in terms of time (eg as can be seen from the current Summer timetable some modules have a significant workload in the third term)

Closing date
Tuesday 21st May 4pm

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.