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Essay 2 Questions

Introduction to Performance Studies Essay 2 Questions

Hand-in: Monday 5th March (Week 9) 4pm esubmission

Length: 2500 words (35%)


1. With reference to a video recording of a live musical performance consider the usefulness of Auslander's identification of performer, performance persona and character as a means to analyse the conventions of particular musical genre.

2. Referring to the work of one or more artist/practitioners consider the ways in which they use technology to critique and contest its impact on EITHER notions of privacy OR what constitues the human.

3. Discuss the strategy of re-performance as a means to document performance art?

4. With reference to two works, analyse the usefulness of food as a means to interrogate the relationship between art and life.

5.Examine the effectiveness of performance in critiquing the cultural construct of gender. You should refer to appropriate theoretical ideas and to TWO OR THREE performances in your response.