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Assessment Criteria / Titles

25% research poster

25% 2500-word essay ESUB2015

As discussed in seminars, this essay will be assessed on the basis of students who are in week 7 of term 1 year 1. I have talked to you about how your writing should contain three elements: a sense of what you think in terms of the proposition or thesis that represents you considered opinion after exploration and research - this stands as the basis of the arument that you are advancing; an engagement with relevant academic debate on your chosen topic, evidenced explicitly by use of quotation, paraphrasing and referencing; and the use of your chosen examples to illuminate and illustrate your argument. Work out how you can explain your argument thematically - divide it into points of connection and draw on your illustrative examples together, not one then the other. Your introduction should contain your proposition and a road map for the reader indicating how you intend to proceed

50% 2 hour Exam