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From Text to Performance

Module Code: TH115

Module Name: From Text to Performance

Module Credits: 30

Module Convenor:
Dr Silvija Jestrovic ( - Fall Term

Prof. Andy Lavender ( - Spring Term

Module Tutors: 
Eleanor Chadwick (, Natalie Diddams (, Maria Estrada Fuentes (, Silvija Jestrovic, Andy Lavender.

Thursdays 9.30-6 in G53 and G55 (please see the schedule for the times each week)


Module Description:

This module explores the process of taking the text from page to performance. Through a programme of lectures and practical exploration of a number of selected plays/performance texts, the module will examine the relationship between performance and society, considering how it reflects, responds to and has the potential to influence its wider political, social, cultural and artistic contexts. Giving students the opportunity to experiment practically with realising texts in performance the module will also consider aspects such as staging, genre, narrative structure, performance strategies, dramaturgical thinking and directorial conceptualization as well as the changing role and function of the audience.

Module aims: 

  • To examine the process the material undergoes in its journey from page to stage

  • To consider the changing relationship between text and socio-cultural context

  • To investigate various ways of dramaturgical thinking and different modes of “reading” a text

  • To explore the relationship between theory and practice through the practical exploration and presentation of representative plays/performance texts.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of some of the key aspects of the creative and research process involved in the journey from text to performance

  • Show an awareness of the ways in which playwrights and theatre-makers have used theatre to respond to, intervene in and debate society and political processes.

  • Describe and evaluate some of the textual, staging and theatrical strategies deployed in the works studied during the module.

  • Articulate how practical engagement with a play or performance text has enriched their understanding of its form, narrative, use of character, stylistic traits, etc.

  • Undertake research tasks using appropriate research tools and communicate what they have learnt through performance and written forms.


Dr Silvija Jestrovic (Fall Term)

Prof. Andy Lavender (Spring Term)


Eleanor Chadwick
Natalie Diddams
Maria Estrada Fuentes

Module Resources

Assessment Criteria
Reading List