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Reading - Intercultural Theatre Practices - 2017-18

Key Texts (recommend buying)

Preread - Ric Knowles, Theatre & Interculturalism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010) overview

Patrice Pavis (ed.) 1996. The Intercultural performance Reader (London/ NY: Routledge)
Ric Knowles, 2010. Theatre & Interculturalism. (Palgrave Macmillan) – overview.
David Henry Hwang M. Butterfly. 1957. (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1989, or in Wadsworth)
Helen Gilbert (ed.), 2001. Postcolonial Plays: an anthology (London: Routledge)
Handspring Puppet Company’s Tall Horse (2005), Handspring and Sogolon Puppet Company, Text by Kephra Burns, in Millar, M. 2006. Journey of the Tall Horse: a story of African theatre. London: Oberon.

Video material and readings will be available to exemplify much of this material.

Other key references

Bharucha, R. 1993. Theatre and the world: Performance and the politics of culture. London: Routledge
Said, E. 1994. On Orientalism, in Culture & imperialism. London : Vintage.
McLeod, John. 2000. Beginning Postcolonialism. Manchester: Manchester Uni Press.
Schechner, R. & Appel, W. By means of performance – intercultural studies of theatre and ritual. Cambridge: CUP.
Schipper, Mineke. 1999. Imagining Insiders: Africa and the question of belonging. London: Cassell (the introduction)

Readings on specific Practioners


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Girish Karnad Hayavadana (apart from readings cited in Postcolonial Reader)

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Takarazuka Revue

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Copeland Jamieson, Kiernander ABC ARTS ONLINE Mnouchkine

On Mnouchkine’s adaptations of Shakespeare using Asian theatre forms – Zarilli, Theatre Histories, 477-478.


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