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TH319 - Interpreting the Theatrical Past: Approaches to Theatre Historiography

Module Code: TH319
Module Name: Interpreting the Theatrical Past: Approaches to Theatre Historiography
Module Credits: 30

In this section you will type a description of what the module is about, what it will teach you, and what it hopes to achieve. Suggested information would be major topics that will be covered, and perhaps a bit of background on the subject matter if you deem it worthwhile.

In addition, the below sections are recommendations for what would be good ideas to include. If you feel that you would benefit from adding additional information, please feel free.

Class Location and Time (Term 1 and 2)

MONDAY 1000-1200

Department Timetables


Portfolio 1 - 10% - ESUB LINK
Portfolio 2 - 10% ESUB LINK
Project-based Assessment - 30% - ESUB LINK
Assessed Seminar Presentation - 50%

Full Assessment Criteria


Portfolio (1000 words) based on Weeks 2 – 4 (Term 1) 10%

(Handed in at date specified)

Portfolio (1000 words) based on Weeks 1 - 4 (Term 2) 10%

(Handed in at date specified)

(These should each be a finished version of one of the pieces of work you prepared for discussion for the seminars in the weeks specified)

Research Project: Local Theatre Histories ' 30%

This can be an individual piece of work or a group project.

For the local history project you should research a specific local theatre and/or company (it might be local to Warwick, Leamington, Coventry for example or your own home town or a London-based or provincial theatre or company that interests you.) The work should demonstrate some original, archival research in libraries, archives, special collections etc. The project might take the form of a collection of visual and manuscript evidence (with commentary), a projected web site on the topic, a brief documentary history of the theatre’s history within the period covered, a plan for an exhibition or even an essay.

Word length @3000 words, but variations permitted if other documentary evidence is incorporated. Due date as indicated by department

Examination: Group Project Presentations 50%

You may take any aspect of theatre history that interests you and prepare a presentation on it (demonstrating also a grasp of historiographic principles and methods). Groups should be @2-4 and each group will be assigned @30 minutes for their presentation.

This might take the form of short scene from a play in which you demonstrate research on a historical acting style, or you might prepare an exhibition or give a lecture demonstration on a particular topic. The presentations will be time-tabled for a full day in the summer term with additional time allocated for preparation and setting up. A critical review of 2,500 words, in which you analyse the processes, methodologies and research leading up to your presentations and provide documents, pictures etc in support of your work, plus some discussion of the impact made by your presentation, will be required two weeks after the presentations. A fuller instruction sheet will be issued in the Spring Term.

Departmental Assessment Deadlines


Professor Jim Davis

Link to the tutor's web page

Module Resources