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You, Me and Everyone We Know: Identity and Performance

Module Code: TH333
Module Name: You, Me and Everyone We Know: Identity and Performance
Module Credits: 15/30Kim Noble

This module the relationship between identity and performance through a variety of artistic forms. The module will examine a range of practices from biographical drama to live art to stand up comedy in order to interrogate questions of selfhood, otherness, and identity. The module synthesises critical discourse with practical experimentation in order to better understand how and why we represent ourselves and others. Moreover, we will question what it means to have a 'self' to represent. We will examine questions of truth, authenticty, alterity, ethics, and antitheatricality. The module wil explore key examples from different modes of performance (both practically and theoretically). Throughout the course of the module we will not only investigate how and why people have sough to represent 'true' lives but consider the role of performance within the our everyday identities. The module, thus, aims to offer an engaging and challenging introduction to the politics of identity and performance.

Class Location and Time (Term 1 - 15 CAT/30 CAT and Term 2 30 CAT only)

Thursday, 2-5pm, G52

Department Timetables


15 CAT

100% - Essay (5000 words) [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION] Due Thursday 25th January 2018 by 4pm

30 CAT

50% - Essay (5000 words) [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION]Due Thursday 25th January 2018 by 4pm

50% - Practice Based Project - All day, Thursday 8th March 2018

Full Assessment Criteria

Essay 50%/100% (30/15 CAT)

  • Show evidence of advanced writing skills. The essay should be clearly expressed, logically organized, and have a keen and coherent sense of argument throughout.
  • Demonstrate clear and thorough, relevant research. Finalist work should demonstrate independent research that strays beyond the set course materials. Research materials should be carefully selected, should demonstrate your engagement with and understanding of your chosen area of study, and evidence an ability to critically interrogate ideas.
  • Demonstrate an ability to use critical reading to illuminate artistic work. Your essay should explore how critical discourses develop understanding of your case examples through detailed, close analysis.
  • Give evidence of the ability to initiate and sustain a sophisticated and imaginative argument. It is imperative that you do not only describe or summarize your ideas and claims but ask questions of them: how does this work? in what way? why? Statements and arguments are not the same thing.
  • Show clear evidence of proper academic practice with regard to the presentation of written work. Work should be consistent and precise in its adherence to a style manual.

Practice-based Project 50%

• Show clear evidence of advanced, independent, relevant research around questions of form and convention in this area of study.

• Demonstrate an ability to put theory and practice in dynamic dialogue through bold and articulate creative work.

• Demonstrate a keen critical and practical engagement with questions of identity, self, and other.

• Show clear evidence of individual initiation and/or collaborative skills.

• Produce an imaginative and critically appropriate performance ‘text’ and deliver this in a committed, carefully prepared manner.

Departmental Assessment Deadlines


Dr Anna Harpin

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Module Resources

Reading List