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Love: Performance, Theory and Criticism

Module Code: TH334
Module Name: Love: Performance, Theory and Criticism
Module Credits: 15

In this section you will type a description of what the module is about, what it will teach you, and what it hopes to achieve. Suggested information would be major topics that will be covered, and perhaps a bit of background on the subject matter if you deem it worthwhile.

In addition, the below sections are recommendations for what would be good ideas to include. If you feel that you would benefit from adding additional information, please feel free.

Class Location and Time (Term 2)

TUESDAY 1600-1800 G56

Department Timetables


15% - Assessed Seminar Presentation
35% - Essay (1750 words) [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION]
50% - Practical Examination

Full Assessment Criteria
Departmental Assessment Deadlines