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Post-war British Theatre and Social Abjection

Module Code: TH335
Module Name: Post-war British Theatre and Social Abjection
Module Credits: 15

This module will address the theatrical treatment of issues that have been at the heart of the British nation in the twenty-first century and subject to widespread public debate, media campaigns, political controversy and legislation: migration, Gypsies and Travellers, homelessness, riots and the north/south divide. As such, the module will address many of the pressing issues that are informing contemporary political debate about how the nation, national life and national citizenship are currently conceived, imagined and represented. The module will highlight the ways in which theatrical practice has contributed to national debate by creating alternatives to dominant narratives and images of 'social abjection' evident in political campaigns, media discourse and popular debate. The module will address a range of different theatrical contexts and forms from large-scale plays for major theatres, to smaller-scale community pieces that encompass various styles including musicals, dance theatre, verbatim and monologues.

Class Location and Time (Term 2)

Tuesdays 1100-1.30 G56

Department Timetables

40% - Project-based Assessment [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION]
60% - Essay (3000 words) [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION]

Full Assessment Criteria
Departmental Assessment Deadlines

Module convenor


Prof. Nadine Holdsworth

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