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Week 1

Would Don Quixote be Written Even if Cervantes Was Never Born?: Introduction to relevant theoretical concepts

Preparatory readings: R. Barthes, ‘Death of the Author’ (essay) & J.L. Borges ‘Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote’ (short story)

Week 2

Authorial Gender Trouble

Readings: P. Teale, Bronte (play) also readings from Gilbert and Gubar The Madwoman in the Attic (essay excerpt) and from P. Smith, M. Train (memoir excerpt)

Week 3

Intertextuality: Dialogues with the Dead

Readings: A.P. Chekhov ‘Uncle Vanya’, H. Barker ‘Vanya’ (play), R. Carver ‘Running Errands’ (short story)

Week 4

Ethics and the Author

Readings: M. Foucault ‘What is an Author?’ (essay), T. Crouch, ‘The Author’ (play), S. Burke, ‘The Death of Paul de Man’ from The Death and Return of the Author (essay)

Week 5

The Author is Present: performing self from ars moriendi to immortality

Screenings of performances by C. Schlingensief and M. Abramovic (screening)

Week 6 Reading Week

Week 7

(portfolio due); Discussion on the screening from w 5 Workshop/ instructions (in preparation to the exam)

Week 8-9

Workshop/ project development (in preparation to the exam)

Week 10

Performance Exam